Orbmap by DigitalGlobe

Save time and fuel when operating your fishing vessel: Since 1997, DigitalGlobe has been developing and providing fish-finding solutions tailored to the unique needs of pelagic fishing operations worldwide. The Orbmap Information Service offers clients an easy way to view and combine real-time and forecast oceanographic and meterological data maps derived from multiple satellite ocean […]

Compasses by Riviera

The magnetic compass, an essential tool for coastal navigation and offshore, produced by Riviera Genoa Ltd offer a range of requirements that are of fundamental importance such as the ease of reading, magnetic compensation and performance stably in various weather conditions, repairability of any damaged part. We here at Maizan Electronics provide 4 different models […]


Navico   Navico was born as a fusion of two of the most important international players in marine electronics, Simrad Yachting and Lowrance Electronics. With the addition of Brunswick New Technologies’ marine electronics division in March 2007, Navico is truly a house of brands, with the B&G, Eagle, Lowrance, Northstar, and Simrad brands all manufactured […]