Fishing Lights

AC Underwater Fishing Lights



          1500W LED                                             500W LED


   Voltage   AC200V-240V
   LED Qty   2880pcs/960pcs

   LG 3030

   Lumen   White=100LM/W



   Beam Angle   360°
   Lighting efficiency   90%
   IP Rate & Depth   IP68 – 30m
   Cable length   30m
   Working temperature (in water)   ≤30°C
   Life time   50000Hours

DC Underwater Fishing Lights



          25W LED                                                               200W LED


   Wattage   25 Watts   200 Watts
   Voltage   DC 12V   DC 12V
   LED Qty   150pcs SMD2835   588pcs SMD2835
   Lumen   3250lm   White: 13200lm

   Green: 11000lm

   Beam Angle   360°   360°
   Lighting efficiency   90%   90%
   IP Rate & Depth   IP68 – 5m   IP68 – 5m
   Cable length   7m   5m
   Working temperature (in water)   ≤30°C   ≤30°C
   Life time   50000Hours   30000Hours


  • Beautiful appearance design, 360° beam angle
  • Long lifespan
  • Green Light, environmental protection
  • Low power consumption, high efficiency, economic
  • White or Green or Blue or Red color for choose
  • CE and RoHS approval, IP68

How to Choose Fishing Light Colour

Attract prawns, squids and Fish to your favourite spot with these super bright LED fishing lights.
These Underwater Fishing lights can penetrate up to 75m through water to attract marine life at night.
We recommend the following colours for these applications:

  • White for General Purpose.
  • Blue for Prawns and Fish.
  • Green for squid.
  • Red Color is best for attracting Saury.